Commissioning on Fluid Bed Granulator

We are happy to announce that commissioning is now complete on our Fluid Bed Granulator (FBG), FB401. It is the culmination of almost 3 years work by the numerous Projects Team members on site in Rottapharm, Dublin. It was purchased from the Pfizer Loughbeg site where it was previously used to produce Lipitor (Atorvastatin). The construction of its current location was started in late Dec 2013, with the FBG installed as part of the civils project. The FBG spans 3 floors in the new manufacturing area where installation began in Jan 2104. Working off the documentation supplied with the unit and with the aid of the OEM, GLATT GmbH, the unit has now been commissioned and we have begun product development trials.

The GLATT WST/G 500 currently stands at over 15m in height and process chamber diameter of >2.5m. It weighs over 8 tonne and has a blast pressure rating for 10Bar. It has a total inner volume of 12.5m3 with a product bowl capacity of 1560l. Discharge is via a turning mesh/bottom discharge arrangement through a Comill to IBC. It is capable of spraying just under 16l/min (10kg/min) of solution and has a Rottapharm specified (and customised) Atomisation Air heater capable of maintaining 120DegC at 4Bar pressure. With a design Fluidisation Air flow rate of 2000-6500m3/hr @65DegC, a 7000m3/hr at 90DegC is achievable. The unit comes complete with a set of WIP nozzles and is integrated with our WIP Supply. The Unit is currently being used for Process Trials on a number of new products that are being introduced to the site.