Lean in Europe-Driving Competitiveness


The EU-Japan Centre organises occasional visits to leading European factories to see world-class principles in action. By becoming more efficient, companies will be better placed to develop their international activities. Through lectures, shop-floor visits, coaching and detailed explanations provided by the host company, participants will be inspired to continue along or begin improvement their ‘Lean Journey’.

The ninth EU-Japan visit took place on Thursday, 09 March 2016 in Rottapharm Meda. The Gemba tour focussed on the Lean Journey of Rottapharm to date. It highlighted the excellent results from the implementation of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) as well as the positive trends in Safety, OEE and Maintenance activities. 21 participants from 7 countries attended the mission. The visitors got a chance to visit each department i.e. Operations, Engineering, IT, Finance, Warehouse and Logistics. Each department showcased their lean journey to date and the results they have achieved.